Tour de Freelance

  • Branding
  • Organization
  • Interactive Design
  • Front-End Development

The Problem:

Freelancing has a lot of great perks but can leave one feeling extremely isolated. You may feel you're working in a bubble.

The Solution:

I created this low-commitment group, where freelancers can get together for a coffee shop work date every Wednesday afternoon. We bring our laptops, our work, and we sit together. With no pressure, we organically converse about tips of the trade, and get feedback on our work.

The Design:

I wanted to keep this light, playful, and friendly. I could have made a more cutting edge, clean, geometric, logo design, but I opted for a hand-drawn approach. This logo reflects the unpretentious and inviting tone I'd like to maintain as Tour de Freelance grows.


Tour de Freelance: website design