• Branding
  • Interactive Design
  • Front-End Development

Parents have a lot going on. They need an easier way to find activities to enrich their children's minds, close to home, and on their schedule.

This project started with the branding. We needed a logo to represent the radius in which these activities exist. It needed to refer to kids but appeal to adults. I created a color palette that is a slightly vintage version of the primary colors associated with children.

These initial mockups will help aid our research as we survey parents and collect data. Though activities come with a massive amount of data, the initial view of the activity listings are distilled down to basic info (activity type, ages, ages, address, etc...). Parents can quickly scan to see if this activity is relevant to their needs. They can set filters to further dial in what they're looking for. Parents will be able to click into activities for more details, or visit the activity website.

radius landing page
radius search results